Kyle and Pamella Wedding|| Vizcaya

The story began with Kyle, a strong, fearless, and successful firefighter. Unlike the fires he’s fought many times before, nothing could have prepared him for the flames Pam would spark. It was at the local gym where Kyle had caught Pam’s eye at first glance. Originally uninspired to pursue fitness, Pam suddenly then realized the importance of it. This ended up being only the first of their many encounters blooming into a beautiful and fated relationship.

Years later, we see the two join together with their loved ones to finally promise their lives to each other. Before the wedding, Kyle became more and more anxious as they all prepared to make the event real. His brother, the best man of the wedding, became Kyle’s aid in supporting him through this stressful yet joyous milestone. Being surrounded by his closest loved ones rebuilt his confidence and gave the wedding the success it deserved.

Finally at the altar, Kyle and Pam exchanged vows as they wiped their tears, shared their stories, and laughed with everyone’s hearts. This day was theirs. They made sure to pay tribute to Kyle’s late father who would’ve loved to see them on their big day, if only heaven wasn’t so far away. With the best man’s children as ring bearer and flower girl, the two lit up a uniting candle with their own separate ones to light a flame for their bright future together.

Moments Matter Most




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