Jared and Trinh | Zara couple.

As Passion Studio continues to grow, we are humbled to capture & share love stories of wonderful, unique couples. And indeed, Trinh + Jared is not an exception. Jared is handsome and kind, who currently serves as the Pastor of E2 Church. Our beautiful bride-to-be Trinh might be petite but she carries such a contagious smile on her face all the time. Its impossible to not feel the positive energy from these two. On their photoshoot day, Jared’s shoes were accidentally left behind at home, and the two decided to make a quick shopping trip to Zara. Following their footsteps, we captured nothing but raw, candid, and absolute truthful moments between Trinh & Jared. Every warm gaze, soft touch, sweet smile to each other….. everything was so natural that they made our jobs so much easier! And just like that, only 2 more months until their Big Day. Here at Passion Studio, the team is beyond excited to be there and giving our best work for Trinh & Jared.



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