Glen + Chrissy | Engagement session | Nelson’s Landing, Las Vegas

We met up with Glen and Chrissy at the Hotel Hooters Resort for their engagement photos. Together we planned it out for some time; we wanted to finish at a place that captures the beautiful desert sunset. First location we headed to was Nelson Landing. It resembles an old town with tons of vintage rustic memorabilia such as an aged school bus, 1964 trailers, and old western building like in the cowboy movies! Once we found a good angle, it was just a matter of letting Glen and Chrissy be themselves. They were such naturals in front of the camera that the team just shoot around them without posing instructions. We were pleasantly surprised when the photos revealed the pair posing like professional models at a photoshoot. They made our job so easy!
Second location was Red Rock Canyon . Sorry Glen because we asked you to climb to the big rock! Lol. However, the Red Rock cliff turned out to be the perfect and romantic locations for them.
They are seriously such a photogenic couple! Thank you Chrissy and Glen for allowing me to document this special time for you!

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