Dan + Kylie | Wedding at Saluti Cellars, Somerset.

Hi Bang, welcome!!! A sexy Aussie voice pops up in my mind when I first got into the hair salon in the beautiful Saluti Cellars, Somerset city. Someone told me that Aussie was the most beautiful voice in the world, and I couldn’t agree more. The bride showed up with the brightest smile that amazed us. What a welcome! In a minute, we got to hang around with the family. There were lots of talking, laughing, and stories cheering Kyle and Dan on their wedding day.

Usually, I would feel so much stress shooting a wedding but on that day, I didn’t feel any. It was simply, in my humble opinion, a reunion of two passionate and enthusiastic souls under the witness of friends and family members. At the venue, we were totally obsessed with how this couple brought their personalities into the mix on their special day. While the bride spent her time with the MUA, Dan had his time laying out on the pool enjoying the beautiful weather.

I even asked myself whether this guy ever planned to attend his wedding day since he was so chill. Things turned around ever since the first look. Dan had a spectacular moment with a little friend during his first met with Kyle. As he saw her, it was a sweet moment spark, his eyes glisten as bright as the stars. He smiled happily, drowned in the ocean of his love. We immediately knew that this wedding would be something beautiful and raw. On the day of their wedding, Dan and Kyle got married in a rustic-style building that somehow reminds me of a western movie set.

It was a perfect, moody space that gave off all those vintage rocker vibes. If you love simple greenery and white flowers, you are going to love how this couple chose to decorate their reception space. If that is not enough, just wait until you see how Kyle and Dan spent every sweet moment and lots of laughter and candid fun at their reception. The wedding of Kyle and Dan is a typical example of how pure love is. Sometimes a wedding does not have to be fancy with the luxury venue, or distinct decoration and transportation. A wedding is about only one thing: Love. Thank you, Kyle and Dan, again for choosing us to be the witnesses of your beautiful wedding. We wish you two more and more happiness on your journey together. Your happiness is our passion.


Photographer: Bang Nguyen, Henry Dao, Tony Pham ( Passion Studio)

Wedding Planner: Tina Rossi (  Saluti Wedding Planner)

Venue: Randy and Tina Rossi – Saluti Cellars

Caterer: Che Buono

Hair: Jennifer ( Elements Hair Salon, Placerville)

DJ: Steve Boutte

Limo: Shuttle Universal Limo

Makeup: Ashley ( Lamae Make up artist )

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