Falling in love is easy but Staying in Love is very Special

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if you can recall one of my past blog posts, I was able to capture the true love of an elderly couple 2 years ago.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have a chance of meeting and documenting the same senior couple. This time, it is extra special! Henry ( 90 year old ) and Erma ( (92 year olds) celebrated their 45 years together.

Connie ( their Daughter) told me Henry had stomach problem but they refused to go under operation because they know for sure he would not be able to recover after the surgery. During the session, Henry and Erma showed me their admirable love: they still called each other “bae,” and sang the song from their wedding’s first dance. They were the proof of my long time favorite quote, “falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special.”

One thought on “Falling in love is easy but Staying in Love is very Special

  1. My parents!! Their love is a very special kind of love. A very rare kind of love. They were meant to be together for all eternity. Mom & Henry: We miss & love you very, very much!!!!! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the memories.


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