ThyLinh and Vu | La Pavillion, Lafayette, Louisiana.

We arrived in New Orleans, LA, 2 days before the wedding of Thy and Vu. There was a tropical storm moving through Texas and just hit Louisiana so it was kind of cloudy. But that didn’t stop us from driving 2 and a half hours to the wedding venue to scout the location in advance. It was our first time to the Bayou State so we wanted to make sure everything would run smooth and being most prepared for the wedding. The checklist was scouting the church, looking for an outdoor location for bridal session, scouting the venue… and being aware of the distances between all of them. As we were checking off our lists, rain arrived. It poured down like Louisiana needed more water with all its swamps. We made it to the venue finally and to our surprise, we saw Thy and Vu. They were decorating the venue. Table by table, thank you card by thank you card. They carefully placed them down and made sure everything was at its right place. We noticed a little stressed on their faces but they definitely sounded happy!

The day of the wedding was finally here. We were ready to go at 5:30am from New Orleans to get to Lafayette at 7:30am. The girls’ airbnb, where they were getting ready, located in a quiet side of town. But as soon as we stepped in, we realized it was not so quiet.

They talked. They laughed. They made fun while telling one another how beautiful each one of them looked. When we talked more to Thy and her bridesmaids, we could tell Thy was a very caring person. She checked on her bridesmaids periodically while having her hair and make up done. She also checked on us to see if we were tired from our flights. Vu’s place was on the other side of town. He was surrounded by his groomsmen. Their morning was somewhat stressful but regardless, the boys kept being boys. Tea ceremony on the wedding day is one of Vietnamese’s traditions.

Thy and Vu had their tea ceremony that morning in the witness of their close friends and families. We knew that their parents loved them so much, both sides of parents teared up during the ceremony. Thy and Vu couldn’t hold their tears, either. They hugged each other tight. So tight that even us got emotional! After the church ceremony, we all headed to the wedding venue.

It started raining dogs and cats. We knew that Thy and Vu may have been stressed, and tired. But they never complained. They never once told us a negative thing. Instead, they was always smiling when we asked them to pose. I guess the stress never bothered them when they got to married their best friends. After the dinner, they had their special dances.

Thy and Vu’s dances with their parents showed so much love and respect. We believe that they will raise their family well given the relationships they had with their families. The whole ballroom with 200 guests got all choked up. Everything was as beautiful as it could be. Thy and Vu’s wedding is definitely one of our favorites. Not only because the emotions and raw moments that we captured, but also because of the wonderful personalities of them two. They have shown us, once again, a true love story when caring for one another throughout the entire wedding. And that’s why we love what we do. SO MUCH.




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