With a ceremony celebrated out in the most beautiful lightning and a cozy reception of Napa Golf Club, we totally fell for Emily and Dwight’s wedding day. In the morning, we started off at the mighty Citizen hotel with the Emily and the bridesmaid. The morning shoot is nothing but passion and good laugh from the crew. After that, Dwight and his crew shortly showed up and get ready for one the most magical moment of his life, the first look.

After the ceremony, we were amazed the way the couple fit to each other in their newlywed photos. The way Dwight and Emily looked at each other expressed an indescribable feeling. The magical sunset in Napa also added to the beauty of the couple. At night, the wedding was a blast with fun game from the couple and all the guests. The couple also had shared a lot about how they got to know and developed their love throughout the times. The story of Dwight about the dream of Emily is one of the most memorable stories that we ever heard. How is it like to see a wedding that you wonder if the times ever run throughout the flow of nature.

This is exactly what I felt like: a classical, elegant and a fairytale story was written by the stunning couple Emily and Dwight. We would like to send out our heartfelt congratulation to both of you and thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographer. Your happiness is our passion.






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