Katti + Dale || Wedding at Heavenly Mountain Resort,

On the majestic mountainous scenery of the famous Lake Tahoe, I was honored to capture the wedding of the beautiful lovebird Katti and Dale. Before the wedding day, we decided to meet the couple beforehand to spend some time with them on their rehearsal. The rehearsal happened on a beautiful day with blue sky and magic lightning from the golden hour. Lots of laugh and emotion were expressed. They ended it up with some walk along the beautiful ceremony site.

Planning wedding could be chaotic, and sometimes even worse. However, there’s nothing like those deep, emotional, connected moments between a couple when you can feel the entire world melting away around them. I love it when I saw the tear coming down not only from both groom and the bride but also by all the guest around them. We were touched from the core of our heart.

Deep in our feeling, we believe that every ceremony is a beautiful, unique reflection of the couple and never fails to leave us reaching for tissues! Oh, how could I forget, we also had a very special ring “dog” that added so much of laugh and characteristics to Dale and Katti’s wedding. Arriving just in time for sunset, the gorgeous couple’s natural beauty and love is reflected in the heart of Lake Tahoe. We are amazed by how natural the couple are.

Their touches and their eyesight expressed the passionate that they spent to each other. At the end of the wedding, right after the reception. We were thrilled to climb to the top of the Lake Tahoe at 2 A.M.

Under the wonderful sky full of stars, the milky way was rising on the top of the 360-degree view. We were really impressed by the couple who had successfully to manage to create magic under the cold of 32F. Their effort proved us that they can overcome any difficulties in life, as long as they have each other. Again, congratulation to Dale and Katti and thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers. Your happiness is our Passion.



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