Jarrett and Alaina | Historic Hotel Woodland Wedding

What makes a happy wedding day ? Someone says it’s all about being prepared with all the decoration and scenery look of the venue. Other says it’s all about the beautiful dress, ring, bouquet.

That’s is all true to me. However, Alaina and Jarrett wedding have defined this definition again. What make their wedding day so special is the simplicity and thoughtfulness. Alaina’s wedding day is usually at least in our top joyous events. We planned for it, we engaged with it, we loved it, and we lived it. I and Henry, my second shooter visited Alaina and Jarrett at their rehearsal in Woodland hotel.

The first thing came to our mind is the heart warmed welcome from both of family sides. Finally, the day is arrived. I was really surprised that the wedding dress was handmade by the bride, Alaina. She took lots of love and time to work on the dress . Eventually, it bloomed by the way it supposed to. A country-inspired wedding that was the perfect reflection of the couple, we can’t get enough of real emotion. From the personal touches to Alaina’s beautiful wedding dress, everything about the day was oh-so-sweet.

They also spent a wonderful time with family and friends from all over the states and out of the country The long-lasting memories of Alaina and Jarrett’s weddings are often the gentle moments alone for the bride and groom. The words in the vow exchange, the tears of happiness rolling on the parents, the stroll around the grounds, the quieter moments as the day fades, the smile of every guesses witnessed the couple at the reception, all the dances and moves under the light and charming music .

All this simplicity from the couple shows that of the best things in life, happiness, don’t actually cost much, we are so honored to be your photographer in your wedding day. Your wedding day had taught me so much how important of simplicity is. Finally, congratulations on your new adventure and thank you again for choosing us to be the one capture and witness your big day. Your happiness is our passion


















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