Amber and Campbell | Wedding inside Secret Garden

It was such a beautiful day for us to capture the wonderful wedding of Amber and Campell. The love story of Amber and Campell began when they both went to a holiday party and met each other. Amber, a beautiful and young lady from Singapore, fell in love with Campell, a kind-hearted and talented gentleman from Wisconsin, USA. Regardless of where they were, destiny now had brought them together so that we all gathered here at Amber’s and Campell’s wedding.

Amber was so happy to have her two best friends and her dad from Singapore to be at her wedding. As for Campell, he could not describe how honored he was to have his two best friends since 5-year-old to be his best man and groomsmen. Both Amber and Campell enjoyed their wedding day to the fullest throughout the whole time from hiking at the beach, getting ready, attending the wedding ceremony, giving a toast at the reception and dancing their first dance together.

The atmospheric and emotional ceremony was held at the “Secret Garden” where both Amber and Campell burst into tears while giving their vows to each other. The elegant and vintage theme of the decoration enhanced the coziness and warmth feeling of the wedding reception, which was held at a barn wedding venue.

One of the most precious gifts that Amber and Campell received that day was a song sung by Campell’s best friend for Amber’s and Campell’s first dance. Melody from the guitar strings filled the atmosphere of the wedding night with joy and excitement. We wish the best to the journey of life that Amber and Campell shall travel together from now on to forever.




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