Krystle and Chris || The Sutter Club, Sacramento.

The morning of the wedding day, Chris and his groomsmen went to Chris’ favorite barbershop together. This place carries unique hipster decorations with a beautiful Harley-Davidson right in the middle of the shop. They got a nice shave, drank, and shared stories over a couple of cigars.

For our bride, Krystle, and her bridesmaids, they were working together to complete the wedding theme of “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Specifically,  her mother and sister came up with “something old” – her late father’s gold cross necklace that he always wore before. Since her dad passed away when she was 14, it was a special way to fulfill “something old” for them. The gold cross was then pinned inside Krystle’s dress so that she would have him with her, close to her heart on this special day. “Something new” was the gorgeous 18-foot long veil that Krystle’s mother brought over from the Philippines before she even chose a dress. “Something borrowed” was her mother-in-law’s bracelet, while “something blue” was the garter, made by the bride’s crafty sister. “I’m very sentimental and very about family. Not having my dad there was especially hard, I just wanted to make sure he was remembered and included.” – Krystle said.

Chris and Krystle had their wedding at a church near her father’s resting place. Krystle walked down the aisle, holding a white rose in memory of her late father. She knew that he was there with them, watching every step of his beautiful daughter. “I had my normal bouquet too, but the white rose I carried had a little pair of angel wings tied to it. When I made it halfway down the aisle, I met up with my mom and brother and I handed my mom the rose since she represents her and my dad together.” – Krystle shared her thoughts with us. Her brother, being the eldest and the only boy, also walked her down the rest of the aisle as well. The rose was then laid next to her mother – the seat where her father would have sat.

After mass, we felt incredibly lucky to be in their presence and captured the moment when the couple visited her father at the cemetery. With the help of Chris, she walked through the muddy ground in her heels and dress to get to her father. She placed her bouquet there for him and they said a prayer. “It hit me hard when we were there. Whenever I visit him I kiss my hand and touch his picture before I leave…”

When it comes to any Filipino reception, it’s always a fun time. Besides the bridal party, they would also introduce people who play a significant role in the couple’s life: their Principal/Primary Sponsors. They are the people who are respected and admired by both the bride and groom. Later, a surprise video for Krystle was played and she could not hold back her tears while watching precious childhood moments in which she shared with her brother. However, as soon as the money dance started, nothing was held back. Everyone was on their feet dancing and having the best time of their lives. It was indeed an emotional but wonderful night for the couple and for us at Passion Studio. We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.



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