My An + Gishan || Scott’s seafood by river.

A few months ago, we were pleasure to capture the beautiful wedding of Gishan and My An on a sunny day at Scott’s Seafood by the River. After surfing through many wedding photos of different wedding photographers on Fearless Photographers, Gishan and My An saw wedding photos of Passion Studio on the website and asked us to be their photographers on their wedding day because they loved to have something unique and special for their wedding day. Getting to know the couple, Gishan is an American-Sri Lanka groom and My An is an American-Vietnamese bride, so they will be having another wedding in Sri Lanka as well. 

On the wedding day of Gishan and My An, we arrived early at their getting ready hotel, which is also the venue for their wedding, Scott’s Seafood by the River. By getting there early, we had the time to scout the location, to get to know the groom’s and bride’s family members and friends, to try many different creative shots. Gishan and My An placed complete trust in us to capture their wedding as its happened and in a very unique style. Their love and trust had given us the passion for why we loved to capture wedding photos. In our perspectives, wedding photos are not just photos, each photo tells a tiny bit of stories on the wedding day.

Throughout the day, we were able to capture so many beautiful moments from an emotional ceremony to a colorful and joyful wedding reception. Even the decorating details told a piece of Gishan and My An’s love story. Each music center piece on each table inside the reception signified each part of the journey that Gishan and My An had been traveled together. Love is indomitable, and it can take us through any hardships in life as long as we strengthen that love together. And when that love grows strong enough, we shall have a wedding ceremony to signify the love of two individuals has for each other into one strong bond that ties their faith together. Gishan and My An’s wedding day ended with countless precious moments and they will continue to grow many




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