In early Fall 2018 and on the Veteran day, Ross and Aileen started their lives together as husband and wife. It was wonderful to see many friends and family from other States and even all the way from the Philippines come to celebrate their marriage. Although it was still very smoky due to Camp Fire, the wedding still happened smoothly .

The ceremony started with some of the Filipino traditions at the Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Lincoln, followed by carrying the coins, lightings candles, draping a veil over the couple, and tying a cord around their shoulders – signifying the unity of their lives.

After the ceremony, we headed to Orchard Creek Lodge, which was also the reception location. This venue has been everyone’s favorite for its gorgeous waterfall. And our Aileen and Ross, with their bridal party were not going to let any bad weather spoil the fun. They even embraced the smoke for just a shot in the dark!

The couple’s entrance has to be one of kind. They called it “Shadow Introducing”, in which the couple showed off their awesome shadow poses on a white curtain, then they would walk out like celebrities! The entire reception was filled with joy, dances, and of course, the must-have “Money Dance” for a Filipino wedding. Thank you so much, Ross and Aileen, for having us as your photographers and videographers on such a special day.

It was an amazing wedding and for sure, one I will never forget. Congratulations to you both! I wish you a long and happy life together.






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