Wedding is one of the most cheerful and joyous moments in our life, and we, storytellers, are glad to be a part of that moment to celebrate with you and your family on your wedding day. This time, we are honored to celebrate with the newlywed Fred and Brynnye through countless cherished moments that we had documented on their wedding day. Fred, the groom, is a kind gentleman from Germany, and we could see within him the classic European tradition through the gentle way that he interacted with those who were around him. For this same reason, Brynnye, the Samoa-African American lady, is enamored by his charm, gentleness and his sense of humor. And Fred too, he loves Brynnye with all his heart and soul.


The wedding of Fred and Brynnye was held at Grand Island Mansion with the vintage style of 10-decade-old. Their wedding was decorated in a classic, elegant and romantic way. The atmosphere during the ceremony was blissful and serene. Fred and Brynnye were flabbergasted with joy when they made their vows to cherish each other for eternity. After that, the mood shifted when the ecstatic crowd cheered for the newlywed coupe until the end of the day. We were bursting with joy as well, and we wished the best for the love story Fred and Brynnye as they will start a new chapter in their marriage life together.


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