Brett & Theresa || Multicultural Wedding, Cielo Vineyard .

We, Storytellers, had had an awesome summer of 2018 with being a part of so many love stories. This time, the love story of Brett and Theresa had brought us to a multicultural wedding with so many exclusive and momentous traditional customs.

Brett, the groom, is an American with Mexican origin and could speak fluently English and Spanish. Theresa, the bride, carries in her blood the heritage of three cultures, which is Cambodian, Chinese and Vietnamese. Both Brett and Theresa came from two different worlds, yet the love they have for each other ultimately had broken through any barriers and brought them together. Brett’s and Theresa’s wedding day began with Brett was getting at his hotel and Theresa was getting her makeup done at a salon. Arriving early, we were able to get to know the people that are a part of Brett’s and Theresa’s life and started to capturing their wedding day.

The morning atmosphere was chill and full of laughter. Proceeding to the next part of their wedding, Brett and Theresa got dressed into exquisite traditional red Chinese dresses. Brett and his family carried the strap to the bride’s house as a symbol of giving good blessing in Chinese and Vietnamese cultures. Then following the Chinese custom was the Door Games. These would be challenges that were set up by the bridesmaids for the groom, and the groom must participate to show his love for the bride before he could get to meet his beautiful bride. We could tell that Brett was very surprised with the challenges, but he put up courage to conquer them all in order to go see his lovely bride. The joy when Brett walked into Theresa’s room and got surprised by her from behind could not be described with words.

We were all so happy in that moment. Suddenly, the mood of the air shifted completely during the tea ceremony. Theresa bursted into tears while receiving blessing from her childhood friend. For many of us, time had had flown by so fast, Theresa’s friends had had their own little families, and now it’s time for Theresa to start her own little family. Pausing in the moment, we could feel drops of tears ran down on our cheeks while listening to the sweet and valuable blessing that were being given to Brett and Theresa.

In the afternoon of the day, the wedding ceremony began at Cielo Vineyard and followed by the reception on a deck facing the forest. Throughout the rest of the wedding day, we were able to capture countless adorable, merry and priceless moments of Brett and Theresa, in their traditional Cambodian outfits, from cake cutting to the traditional Cambodian dance. The day may end, but these moments would last forever in Brett’s and Theresa’s memory.


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