Sharanya +Abhishek Banerjee || Hidden Vine!!

I met the lovely couple when I did a wedding session in which Abhisheck was a groomsman. He shared with me that one day he would braven up and make the beautiful Shara his wife. I promised that I would make him look good from all angles. The deal was sealed.

An engagement came shortly thereafter. The photo shoot was held under very cloudy skies on an unusually cold day in San Francisco in the middle of summer. The weather was meant to be, for not too many people were around. We took in all the beautiful scenery of this city by the sea. The ornate architectural details of the City Hall was beyond impressive. The next stop was The Hidden Vine, a quaint restaurant held dear by this lovely couple as it was where the shared their first of many dates. The day ended at Fort Point National Historic Site. The seacoast vantage point overlooks the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge, but it was the stunning couple that captured the moment.

In the end, it was not me who made Abhisheck look good, it was his enchanting wife. I’m just the one who carries the camera around.

I wish the best to this radiating couple as they will soon share their vows of eternal love in their homeland in India.



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