Gregg and Eunice || Wedding at Auberge du Soleil, Napa.

Eunice and Gregg booked us 2 months before their big day. The wedding is hold at the wonderful resort called Auberge du Soleil in the famous winery land of Napa . They said the venue only allowed preferred vendors if not they have to pay $200 to bring me in but they still do it because they love and trust my works. The couple celebrated their wedding with their own unique styles. On this beautiful day, the event was running smoothly without any rushing , a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience with many fresh and positive vibes.

However, the news that his older brother who he really loves  and also the best man couldn’t attend because of health issue has striking Gregg the most. Fortunately, he stil managed to witness his beloved brother’s wedding over facetime ( thanks to the innovation of apple ) in the formal suits, along with his wife.  The wedding contains only 20  guests who are close friends and familes members. The maid of honor is the niece of Eunice who comes from Hawaii. Her speech stand out funny and also emotionally about how she witnessed the love from Gregg for Eunice.

For the first time of my life i could see a very enjoyable couple. The moment when they are hand in hand walking together observing the sunset , drinking a little red wine and listening to French music.  A wedding that was completely fullfilled by emotion when they mentioned about Eunice’s parents who passed away , thus could not attend the big day of their beloved daughter.  Everything was set up perfectly for a small wedding but huges loves from friends and families.

Wedding Coodinator : Sara Lindenbaum

Violin : Peggy Brady

Hair and Make up : Lisa K. Saminathen

Flowers : Steels Designs

Dress: Nicole Miler 

Photographer : Passion Studio 




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