Andrew + Lisa’s Wedding | Sterling Hotel, Sacramento.

Lisa and Andrew booked us over the bridal show 2016 after considering many talented photographers. Eventually the couple has placed their trust on us and we cannot say anything but it was our happiness to be their wedding photographers. What special things about Andrew and Lisa that stand out of many weddings I have done in the past are their big warm welcome and the great hospitality from both parties.
We came to the Sterling hotel where the bride and the groom settled and prepare for their wedding. Next, we have captured the bridal party picture under the witness of the beloved and honored capitol building of Sacramento.

The ceremony was filled with love and strong emotion. Everything was going smoothly and the decoration was perfect with red roses on the aisle next to the white seats. After the declaration being wife and husband, their entrance was covered with dreamy bubble and emotional laughs from witnesses. The reception is nothing but the simplicity from the bride and grooms. We have shared so many memorable impression with Lisa and Andrew in the night. It was the most excited atmosphere I have ever seen. Everything was so fresh and we can even smell the bright smile of excitement spreading over the room. Finally, the wedding is also covered with lots of wonderful and lasting memories from the wonderful and fresh bride and groom Lisa and Andrew. Finally I would like to send my gratitude to the couple for everything and the kindness that they have sent for us. From now on I wish you two the happy marriage: Your happiness is our passion.

Officiant : Rick Tan III
Venue : Sterling Hotel Sacramento
Flowers : Wild Flowers Design Group




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