Mari + Eric | University of California, Davis Arboretum.

UC Davis Arboretum is one of those rare locations that has it all – grassy fields, oak, pine and sycamore groves, a mossy pond, monarch butterflies and redwood forest. I met up with Mari and Eric for their engagement – and since they booked my services without ever meeting me in person, it was great to get to know them both a little over the next two hours. I’ll be honest – it was overcast and in the high 50s. Not ideal conditions by any stretch of the imagination. But my shoots have always been couple-focused, and my goal is to make them look their best, no matter what. Plus, they drove all the way from Sacramento – we were gonna make it happen!

And so we did. Mari and Eric were really easy to work with, following my lead and building on their natural chemistry together. Even though we didn’t get a sunset or warm sand to sink our feet into, we got some great memories captured for posterity – and some great practice in front of the camera.



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