TRUE LOVE is no Expiration date!

I received a phone call from Connie yesterday. She is currently living in Washington state and will fly to Sacramento to visit her elderly parents. She would like me to capture the photos of Enrique(Henry) & Erma Diaz. Connie said this will probaly be the last photos of them so she would like to capture the special moment on Valentine’s Day. When I got there , I saw them already getting ready for photos. People said life is a cycle and once you are older, you are like the baby. I witnessed that today as they easily become angry or happy. Erma is adorable. She called me baby and blow me kisses during the session. Even though they are 92 and 88 years old, the couple always hold hands and sometime Henry would reach out, kissing Erma and tells her”You so beautiful honey”. They told me they have been married for 47 years, which a long way to celebrate. Henry keeps singing the songs which he said that is his first dance song and Erma corrected him. They argued and back to being lovey-dovey. This is by far the best experience I ever had in my photography career. I think my Valentine’s Day is perfect because I can feel true LOVE today.

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