Krystle + Justin || Engagement session, Sonoma Valley.

We met Krystle and Justin not long after the unfortunate fire in Napa. We first thought that the fire might affect us as the last time we had in Yosemite. Surprisingly, the weather turned out wonderful with lot of clouds and wind. Even though it was a bit cold, the couple warmed us with exceptional love. The way that Justin hold Krystle and looked at her, the smile she gave him melt our hearts in a powerful pleasantness. All of them blended together and thus made the day even more fulfilled. In another analogy, their chemical bond is unbreakable . When I asked why Justin wanted to marry Krystle, he answered with a sharp , crystalline voice : “I loved her because she is just everything of my life. ” To reply his response, Krystle told me “Justin was a special person, and I just fell in love with him. “ From this point, I found that their love is the product of 2 passionate heart with full of commitment and tranquility.



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