Anna + Bilal || Walima, Third day of Wedding, Fairmont Hotel San Francisco.

The day everyone has been working towards, Its the Wedding Reception- the most extravagant event yet. It is also Sunnah to hold this event i.e publicly announce the marriage. There aren’t many traditions attached to the Walima, it will vary to suit the household, venue, timings, guest list, etc. The Groom normally opts for a formal Western suit or Tuxedo and the Bride will wear a dazzling dress with Jewellery provided by the Groom. Its common to see: several high end cars, a fully themed venue, four course meal, DJ, dance floor, bridesmaid, flower girls, bouquet for the bride, wedding cake and favour boxes.

Salami – As people go on to the stage, they will give salaam and congratulate the couple. Rather than going empty handed, most people dish out a tenner each for the Bride and Groom. But this has become a trend, it can become embarrassing to only give a certain amount or nothing at all.

As the evening comes to an end, the family prepare to send off the Bride, this becomes a very emotional scene as the daughter is moving from one family to another.

Rice – As the Bride walks towards the car with the Groom, the Bride will stop on her door step and throw rice over her head. Rice in Pakistan is a high source of nutrient so it symbolises wealth and efficiency. When the Bride throws the several grains behind her, she signifies that ‘she is leaving her mothers comfort and nurturing to enter in to a new family’.

Qu’ran – The Qur’an is also held over the Bride’s head as she walks from the Door to the car in order to bless and protect her- yet another oblivious tradition.

The Groom will then take her back to his parents home.


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