Anna + Bilal || Pakistani Wedding ceremony ( Shaadi) , Catta Verdera Country Club.

On this day, the baraat (the procession of family, relatives, and friends of the groom ( Bilal) will go to the bride( Anna) ’s house (or the place of the wedding) for the official wedding ceremony. There is usually a dholki player, lots of wedding songs being sung, etc. The groom was riding the horse to entering . The family and friends of the bride will welcome them warmly with flower garlands and rose petals are thrown on them as they walk inside by the bride’s sisters, female cousins, and friends.

There is a tradition that on his way in, however, he will be tied off from entering the place of the wedding. Here, the bride’s sisters, female friends and family will refuse him entry until he “pays up”. The fun bantering goes on for a bit before he gives them gifts of money, and they let him enter.

The bride enters after him. Usually, she walks up to him with her procession. However, there is a very old tradition in which her sisters and closest friends hide her behind a veil (so nobody can see her) as she walks towards the stage where the groom is standing. When she gets to the stage, they unveil her, thus he is the first person she sees and he is the first to see her. I will be doing this for my wedding :).

The “Nikah” usually takes place at this time. This is an Islamic official wedding ceremony. A marriage contract is signed by the bride and groom. An Imam will usually officiate this, and it ends with all in attendance praying for them. Rings are usually exchanged at this time.

Dinner is served, cake is cut, lots of dancing happens, bride and groom dance, toasts, etc.

Another tradition is when the women on the bride’s side will steal the groom’s shoes. There’s usually fun bantering, and they give them back once their receive more gifts and/or money.

The bride is typically decked out in red, purple, blue, green, or the like. No white dresses here! Red is typically worn, as it is an extremely old and so not pc symbol of the loss of the bride’s virginity due to this marriage.


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