Kevin + Melissa | Wedding Photo | Wedgwood at Rancho Cañada, Carmel Beach, California.

            Nothing could have been more perfect for Melissa & Kevin’s amazing Carmel Beach wedding.  It was raining hard that morning but slowly turn to cloudy and then a nice cool evening with beautiful skies, the stars truly aligned to make this moment absolutely magical.

             Melissa notes Kevin’s ability to bring laughter and joy to others as one of her favorite qualities about him. But on their wedding day, I quickly noticed that this is a quality that they radiate as a couple. Melissa and Kevin their love for each other was contagious, and brought joy to all of the guests who came to celebrate with them. The newlyweds obviously love each other, but what they enjoy the most is sharing that love with those around them. Sharing special moments with friends and family was their favorite part of the entire day. From my perspective, it went both ways. Melissa and Kevin, it was obvious how much joy you brought your friends and family, even on your wedding day. Congratulations again, I have no doubt that your inclusive love will continue to bring you and those around joy for the rest of your lives!



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